ADD Civic Pavilion

Architecture&Design Studio  |  Individual work

Danish Institute For Study Abroad, Spring 2016

Location: Højbro Plads, Copenhagen, Denmark

Model 1:50 

Hand crafted

Design Prompt:

The main design challenge is to create a singular civic pavilion, which will:

  • Serve as a ‘hub’ and ‘signal’ for Cph ADD and innovative Danish design in general; a place where locals and tourists can come to gather information on the day-to-day design events being held around the city. 

  • Serve as a civic meeting point; a place where locals and tourists can meet at the start of guided tours, as well as a place to meet-up for more informal design rendezvous amongst friends and other design enthusiasts.

  • Serve as a showcase for young design talents. (One new talent will be showcased each day of the festival)

  • The pavilion itself must fit within a volume of no more than 6x6x6 meters

Site Plan and Section 

Design Concept:

The cylinder pavilion opens with 6 rotating panels during the sunny days and the panels are closed at night for security. The closed pavilion sits within 6mx6mx6m.

  • Expansion of space for larger gathering and a spectrum of design work 

  • Dynamic Circulations in a busy public plaza

  • Flexible for move and stay, a space serves different experiences

Outer side of the panels serve as benches for sitting 

Inner side serves as platform to display exhibitions

I tried to break the spatial constrains and invent a smart way of using the space that also fits the context

West Elevation 1:50​

Rainy Day

Day Time

Night Time

A platform that gathers design enthusiasts

Top View Section 1:50

Inner side panels: Exhibition Platform

Outer side panels:Benches for sitting 

1. Central front entrancewith with daily events infomation

2. Noon time, view from the stairs on the first floor 

3. View from the east side

4. A kid and mom looking at the toys exhibition hanging in the space under stairs

5. Second Floor: A viewing platform and a central round table for collective discussion and small workshops

Architecture Detailing & Sustainability