She studied abroad in Copenhagen in her junior year with an intense architecture studio. Being immersed in a design ecosystem, she discovered a good design ranging from urban scale to a tea cup can touch lives in the minutest detail. Her approach to design-problem solving , keen observation and unerstanding.

flexibility & creativity & sustainability

in her senior thesis, she attempted to a year-long research & design project

a pop-up modular building structure + ancient Chinese garden motif

Caren started her design career with an architectural design focus at Wesleyan University, a place transformed my life.  china to the US , economics, psychology, environmental science, and she was art, architecture and design.

paradox of complexity of things

having lived in cities, tokyo (2015, summer ) copenhagen (2016, spring) and beiing (2017-2018)

travelled to many cities, urban

drawing has been her medium since a child,

hands dirty with charcoals and color crayons 

her interests to build her skills around still drawings

drawing and visual art making is an essential

living necesity for her to express.


​whether analog or digital, she is not restrained to use any kinds of medium to collage, build, play for 

a function

a feeling

a piece of memory

her design "hybrid". materials

"to bridge/connect/create" 

its not surprising that she also communicate through graphic design,​ 

whether for branding, or her friend's birthday and party flyers.

expand her medium to coding/technology.


as an avid tech enthusiast the internet to self teach digital/coding  here!!

bring my multidisciplinary design/thinking skills 

interesting note that she and her boss of her first full-time job co-created a position

"design strategist"

inter-personal skills

creative direction,interactive project