• Caren

Meditation 01-Design a ritual

When I approached the ritual design, I went through my daily routines to see which part of my physical/mental activity is ritualistic, and the very first gesture of opening the curtain sticks around my mind. I used to live in a room which didn't get much sunlight, and it makes me treasure the natural light a lot more than I assumed before. Since the first day I've moved to the new room, the first thing I do after I wake up is to open the curtain. When the light comes into the room, and into my body, plus the sound from the decorative bells hanging from the window, my gesture of opening and letting the light in gets really ritualist to me.

Then I reflected about the rest of my gestures in routines, and realized everything and every gesture could be a ritual, such as holding a cup, pouring water, writing, putting on lipstick, washing, browsing website...Especially the gestures with our digital products, which perhaps ranks the top among our daily gestures.

This makes me want to see our interaction with the digital world in a new perspective, so I made a simple processing sketch reflecting the idea.

If we think about it, our gestures with web pages are very similar to the one with the curtain and the light. We do it so often that we forget about why we makes the gesture at the first place.

Video documentation:

with sound from the first 1:33 of https://soundcloud.com/maria-chavez/hester-st-market-mix-2017

If we take a minute to slow down and observe our gesture browsing the web/ typing, it will change our normal perception and wonder, how do we arrive at this gesture and where are we going?

Code shot of the processing: