• Caren

Meditation 02: Design an oracle deck

The Max/Minimalism Deck, designed by Caren Ye, consists of 7 cards with each side representing the spirit of Maximalism and Minimalism. The user is invited to pick one card each day in a weekly manner.

It is often said that now is the age of minimalism, the zeitgeist of the Millennial generation. However, most of our life needs both sides of the picture.

Through the experience of picking and performing the deck for at least seven days, the user gets to practice and reflect the idea of "balance".

and one void card, if the reader picks this, it's a day of break, doing neither addition or subtraction, just empty the mind.

The illustration of the deck is generated by p5.js, which gives me the inspiration of designing this deck. During my experimentations of generative drawings, I couldn't help screenshot the process, especially the beginning and the end stage. I realized I appreciate the elegance of the clean lines as much as the abundance of the layers.

The addition side:

The subtraction side:

The content of the deck may subject to change and expansion.