• Caren

Reality threshold ideas and sketches

Updated: Feb 10

Space 1:

***Let the music play for the vibe***

The guest arrives at space 1, a zen garden on a cliff in the form of a palm. A staff (an avatar of me) is raking sand, which is constantly slipping through fingers, because the palm feels itchy.

I will invite the guest to meditate.


As the guest's mind gets less unsettling, the staff gives guest the raker, which flies her/him into Space 2.

Space 2:

A post modern garden

My goal is to create a new garden/world which emphasizes the art of the Chinese garden (园林Yuanlin): the portrayal of a poetic mood through symbolism and allegory, so that the hills, water features, plans and buildings and their spatial relationships are not just a mere materialistic environment but also evoke a spiritual atmosphere.

People at the Ming and Qing dynasties enjoyed constructing gardens, and liked to link gardens with their own personal character: it was said that when making gardens the ideal is to be devious, but when making friends, one should be direct.

an illustration sketch of the space:

Using hand gestures, human bodies, internet-age and cosmic elements, and much more in terms of spatial relationships, promenade, interactivity, music... to represent the experiences in the new garden, an imaginary space. Wherever you stand in each garden, you will experience fresh visual surprises. Chinese gardeners pay much attention to the graduation of views, the compositions of buildings, the use of rockeries and ponds, and the decorative aspects of the flowers and trees in order to create a poetic mood and artistic realm. Based on the essence of the traditional garden making, I want to unwrap a world view of an alternative dimension inspired by the unheeded nature, fairy tales, folklores, fantasy fictions, and rituals.

(design in progress)

Style references (not exactly):

Other references:

some fundamental garden elements: rockery hills, corridor, moon gate

I will refer to the old research and design project I did in my undergrad architecture thesis (2017), which is also a study on the inventive adaptions of the Yuanlin (traditional Chinese garden).

Alternatives for space 1,


A face-landscape, the guest is climbing along the face into the eye, which has a door to Space2.


a painting hanging on the wall of a room, the guest enters the garden (space 2) from the painting