• Caren

Stop motion animation&understanding comics

I'm really excited to start the animation lab. I collaborated with Kevin Lee for the first stop motion animation which I really enjoyed both the process and outcome.

I came up with a story of a creature who is self sufficient--eating itself when it gets hungry and makes itself happy.

storyboard sketch

The clay making process was more difficult than we expected and once we put everything together for the dragon frames, it was like magic to see it comes to life.

Here is the video:

Understanding Comics is an interesting book with detailed discussion about what is comic in the forms of comics. I wish there is less text in a page because the visual traffic makes it a bit hard to read. There is a quote which states "space does for comics what time does for film" , made me think that for comics today, with multi-media and interactive approach, comics is about both the time and space, which makes it a more exciting medium for story-telling and artistic expression.