• Caren

Tech Observation

Public restroom is our daily need and the tech for flushing the toilet is probably the most common tech we use everyday. (maybe more than elevator) However, I'm still confused about how sensor works in the woman toilet, and how it detects the movement of body.

So I stayed there and tried a couple times with hand and body moments.

I don't really like how it works now because it usually flushes only when you are very close to the toilet door. Sometimes, you are in a hurry out but you would wait at the door for some seconds after seeing toilet is flushed before getting out, and sometimes, you want to flush it multiple times but you need to move around and let it flush.. which is a bit inconvenient. Moreover, what if the sensor breaks, there is no physical button to back up. That's why I think a physical button is more user friendly, because it is like a "visible tech".

Another thing I noticed is that there is no red/green label (unlike most public toilets) on the door indicating whether it's empty or occupied in a distance. We need to go closer and try to see through the gaps or look down to see if there are feet inside to know if it's occupied or not, which is a bit awkward and clumsy. As interaction designers, I'm wondering if ITPers living on this floor can think up something to improve our everyday toilet experience.