• Caren

Week3:materials and concept development

I've been working on elaborating what kind of idea/stories/spirits that I want to bring to the art toy I create and what materials would best suite the concept.


脑娃 ~*Mind Babe*~ (name TBA)

My imaginary friend is a girl with a half-sphere transparent head with her thoughts, imagination and fantasy visible to the open air. By incorporating the girl's facial expressions, gestures and what's happening in the "mind", there will also be a drawing illustrating the particular story with a toy. For example, a mind babe who is thinking about food but is actually about to get eaten.

Main Materials:

Resin and Clay (air dry clay/polymer clay/epoxie clay) and acrylic/water color paint. I decided not to use ceramic clay because it would take more time to dry and needs firing which I don't have easy access to at the moment, plus it's heavy. As for 3D print, even though it can be painted on as well, I don't like the texture of the print, so I give up this option. I'm trying different air dry clay and paints as well as resin, because the texture, organic hand-made shape and the color of such combination would be the most idea to my concept. Resin is for the transparent head part because I can put "stuff" into it. So ordered all the materials this week.

At the Printed Matter art book fair this weekend in MOMA PS1, I saw some clay sculptures that the artist Haeji Park made which inspired me to apply some of my drawing into the 3D form creatures.


I was also mind-storming and sketching for some other character design ideas, like a creature with holes in its head and belly, symbolizing someone who is emotional and logical, and develop stories which discuss sense and sensibility with the characters, however, it's hard to materialize such complicated idea with toy design and making, so I put it aside.