• Caren

Week4: finishes

This week I've finalized my character design and tried out with the materials I chose-clay, resin, acrylic paint and miscellaneous. I have in mind the 4 pieces of my toys, which is a series of stories I want to tell through this character. I also chose to do illustration for each art toy.

a girl who is thinking about food & she is the food for others

#1 illustration (work in progress)

I had so much fun playing with these materials, however, my techniques could be better.

It's challenging in terms of making process because not everything can be done at once. I need to order the materials--make the clay (wait it dry before paint)--make resin (let it dry for at least 24 hours) so there is some waiting time this week otherwise there could be more to be done.

The #2 in the series:

Here is a sketch of the illustration for it.

a girl who loves gaming & herself is a game.