• Caren

Week4: function&loops

This week we learned how to make repetitive items with simple lines of code and to modulate code by making up "function" so that we can clearly see what each code is doing for certain programs.

For example:

if we want to draw a row of ellipse with flashing colors (using "random")

for (var x=0;  x<width; x=x+50) {

fill ( random(255),0,random(255) );

ellipse (x,100,10,10)

we can also do something to make a pattern for both x and y axis

for (var x=0;….)

   for (var y=0;…..)

I made the sketch based on the basics of functions, loops and random. I got fascinated by the geometric patterns created with "loops&random color" which reminds me of the music by Shanghai Restoration Project, an electronic music duo based in Brooklyn. I hope to explore more about how music and visuals can work together.