• Caren

Week7: thoughts

We've been using a lot of technologies in our daily life already-the metro card to commute, the vending machine to buy drinks, apple pay...These technologies mainly function as tools, we are using them without a blink of an eye, which make our life more efficient but in a way kind of indifferent. In a consumerism society, technology has been elevated to be more than a tool-it entertains us and interferes with our mental life. However, a lot of interactive projects only produces an effect to the users/consumers (surprise, shock, threaten), who has been limited to some kind of reactions, which don't go any further. The challenge is to see if the creation of any work incorporating art and technology we use to enrich our life can be both meaningful, accessible, and responding to the context.

Here is an article which sparks some thoguhts by an itp alum Zhenzhen Qi investigating about the history and potential of interactive art.